The Lamborghini Centenario has been making the rounds in media since it's been released, having been featured on the cover of Forza Horizon 3, our magazine and even Transformers: The Last Knight. If you're unfamiliar with this car, it's Lamborghini's latest "special model" that celebrates the centenary of Ferruccio Lamborghini's birth. It's a celebration includes a 770 horsepower V12 engine that is the company's more powerful engine that they've ever produced. And to think we all get cakes for our birthdays...

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Recently, TheTFJJ and JBB013 caught the Centenario on the streets of London as it was being filmed for the upcoming Transformers movie. The Transformer that will be taking the form of the Lamborghini is Hot Rod, who was actually the main protagonist in the original 1986 movie, "The Transformers: The Movie." He takes the lead role in the classic movie after Optimus Prime dies and goes from being Hot Rod to being reformatted into Rodimus Prime. Maybe we'll see Optimus Prime lose his lead role in the upcoming movie and Rodimus will take his place. Who knows! Check out the videos below to see cars like the McLaren 570S and more in action for the filming of Transformers: The Last Knight.

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