The incredible speed, power, agility and performance of the Ferrari FXX K serves as the inspiration for the all new, first ever Hublot animated film, which also features the brand's technologically advanced MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire timepiece. With the fusion of Swiss movement and exotic materials, the LaFerrari Sapphire is definitely out of this world, as is the film. Hublot gathered 50 of its most prestigious clients, gave them first-class seats in iconic Ferrari models in front of a drive-in style movie screen for the debut.
With insane special effects and graphics, Hublot shows the world why it is a leader in innovation in the watchmaking world. The Ferrari FXX K looks better than ever, twisting and turning through rugged, out-of-this-world terrain. Even though superior animation and technology saturate the film, the driving experience feels all too real, and for good reason. As stated in a Hublot piece about the debut of the video and the watch:
The whole FXX K environment has been reconstituted with special computer effects. All the images have been animated by a real-life driver at the steering wheel, and the technical features of the car have been configured to provide the most realistic driving experience possible.
Both graphics and sound effects are of the highest, most realistic quality, giving viewers the full experience of what it's like to drive the iconic hyper car.

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Check out the full video and more information about the Hublot LaFerrari Sapphire in the video below.