Learning to drive on ice is the best way to sharpen your racing skills. Many manufacturers offer Arctic excursions, but heading to colder climates in the dead of winter is simply unappealing to some. As the heat of summer makes northern latitudes feel like a rotisserie in the summer, our friends down under are in the depths of winter. Last month, Aston Martin invited a few select customers to join them at their Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds outside of Queenstown, New Zealand. It was an unprecedented success that combined catered meals with instruction from professional drivers. It took place between August 22nd to the 28th on the frozen surface of Lake Wakatipu. The highlight of the event was equipping the new DB11 with studded tires for a twin turbo assault on the open ice. In a YouTube video uploaded Friday, Aston Martin compiled a teaser reel for next year's event with footage of the new car in action. With 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, their latest model offered brilliant drifting around the course. Registration for next year is now available on Aston Martin's Art of Living site, but pricing has yet to be released. Stay with us for updates on the event, and check out the DB11 in person at our dealers.

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