If you need three pedals in your life, your options for new manual transmission cars have been severely limited. The latest dual clutch automatics can shift faster than any human, but they are heavy and leave the driver disconnected from the road. In a comparison we thought would never take place, Chris Harris has brought together the latest in stick shift supercars.

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In the latest installment of Chris Harris Drives, the Aston Martin Vantage S and the Porsche 911 R are brought head to head. Flying the Union Jack, Aston Martin has just released a seven speed manual with a vintage style dog-leg 1st gear. It channels 568 hp and 457 lb-ft from the 6.0L V12 to the rear wheels via a rear mounted transaxle. With a differential ratio of 3.72 it can apply that power in almost every gear. The Porsche 911 R has six fewer cylinders, but the 4.0L is borrowed from the potent GT3 RS. Instead of the seven speed manual found in previous Carreras, a new six speed box has been designed to handle 500 hp and 338 lb-ft of torque. If heel-toe shifts are not your thing, both cars offer rev-matching that can be disabled for a lively drive. As long as manufacturers build cars of this caliber, the death of the manual will be postponed. Tell us what your favorite transmission is in the comments below and stay with us for more Top Gear footage.

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