Only a handful of cars look better without paint, and this is one of them. The only Enzo to leave the factory in bare carbon fiber has been acquired by our friends at Exotic Motors Midwest, and it looks amazing. You might think a manufacturer would give you a discount when buying an unpainted car because it's less work and materials for them, but not Ferrari. We're not sure how much more the original owner had to pay for this one, but this line item on the window sticker is probably more expensive than your daily driver.

Ferrari For Sale

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One of only 400 examples produced, the Enzo was built as a tribute to Mr. Ferrari. To be worthy of his name, it was powered by a 6.0L V12 tuned to 651 hp and 485 lb-ft. The transmission is a single clutch automated manual which was borrowed from the Formula1 team. Enzo dominated the supercar world for nearly a decade, and prices have been steadily rising for a few years. We could go on listing the specs, but if you are in the market for this car, you have probably done your homework. This car speaks for itself, so enjoy the images and click on the link for more information. Stay tuned for more rare Ferraris!

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