Most people associate the Tour de France with human powered transportation, but the original race was done with automobiles. Ferrari's F12tdf is named for the race because like the early racers, this modern supercar pushes the limits of traction and horsepower. Only 799 cars will be produced, and only a fraction will make their way to the US.

Ferrari F12tdf For Sale

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Our friends a Fusion Luxury somehow acquired this one with only 101 miles on the odometer. By utilizing some of the high revving features of their F1 program, it uses solid lifters and high compression to make 769 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque. The seven-speed F1 transmission has unique gearing to keep the engine in its powerband along with a top speed north of 211. Compared to an F12berlinetta, the body is more aggressive to handle the increased speeds. Ferrari says the aero efficiency of the F12tdf is almost twice that of the base model.

Ferrari F12 For Sale

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As you can see in the window sticker, this car was ordered with every option. The interior is awash in red leather and carbon fiber, with a linear tachometer for the enjoyment of your passenger. If you think you can handle the rarity and the power, Fusion Motors has your next ride.

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