Our favorite death-defying Dutch dealer has an affinity for leaving the showroom in a bit of a hurry. To insure his Lamborghini was capable of performing as advertised, AutoTopNL just uploaded the best video in their series. A recent trend by the big manufacturers is to leave the top speed open ended by stating it can go past a predetermined limit. From a liability standpoint it might offer some protection against litigation from a high speed accident. Another issue arises in that achieving the top speed of a modern supercar requires several miles of perfect pavement, something the western hemisphere doesn't offer.

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Lamborghini advertises the Huracan is capable of going faster than 201 mph. That number is the understatement of the decade considering it has 600 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. Clever aerodynamics along with close gear ratios in the dual clutch transmission offer power in almost any situation, but even a raging bull must submit to the laws of physics. At the behest of our General Counsel we advise against attempting this, but tell us if you think the car is capable of going faster. Stay with us for more Autobahn acceleration.

Lamborghini Huracan For Sale