When Top Gear announced that Chris Harris would be joining the television show, I was more than ecstatic. The way Harris can explain the intricacies of a car's drive with an easy-to-understand expert tone always made his YouTube videos a pleasure to watch. However, Harris' time on the Top Gear television has been short lived, aside from the most recent episode where he drove a Ferrari F12tdf. To appease his fans and provide an online expert opinion, Top Gear has announced today that he will have his own online show, "The Drift," available on TopGear.com.

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“Obviously I’m thrilled to be making beautiful films like the F12tdf piece for the Top Gear television show,” says Chris, “but the longer-form, more detailed web films I’ve made with Neil Carey over the years remain my natural format, and broadcasting them through TG’s huge online audience is a dream come true. If you want to know even more technical details about cars, hear more in-depth analysis, I hope we’ll be the perfect destination. I want the films to be just as they were on Chris Harris on Cars. With added slow-motion slides." Should you be excited? Heck yes. This means Harris will be able to create the videos he loves to make, all with a BBC budget. If you want a teaser of what it should be like, be sure to watch his magnificent special on the hypercar holy trinity below.