When was the last time you saw a Bentley at the drag strip? We don't remember either, which is why this new upload from DragTimes is so captivating. The new Bentayga is one of the most potent and expensive SUVs ever built, but how will it handle going up against its cousin from Germany? Yes, they are related, as Bentley is the ultra-luxury division of VW, the parent company of Porsche.

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Bentley offers 600 hp to all wheels which makes 60 mph arrive in 3.5 seconds. The Porsche is armed with a Gosha turbo kit tuned to 800 hp. Both are All Wheel Drive, but will the twelve-cylinder SUV overtake the flat six coupe? The results are surprising to say the least, so tell us who you would think would win on the street. As always, drag racing is dangerous, so keep it at the track.

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