If you don't downshift under an overpass, you probably shouldn't be reading this. Many people believe bridges were built to connect major roadways, but their true purpose is for making a symphony of automotive exhaust. Since the new Vulcan arrives ready for the track, the big V12 is unencumbered by catalysts or mufflers. To capture the full range of audio produced by the Vulcan, LK Horizon chose Coventry's annual Motorfest to highlight the aggressive sound of the car in action.

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The Vulcan takes to a closed section of Coventry's beltway for decibel domination. Since the Vulcan's engine oil is located remotely in a dry-sump tank, more warm up time is needed before the fluids are ready to race. With a standing start, the 800 hp V12 spins completely through 1st and 2nd gears. Only 24 Vulcans will be produced, so we hope the original tires were taken off before this event. Finding rubber than can withstand this level of power can be hard to do, so maybe Michelin should invest in a pre-owned Vulcan to test their latest radials.

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