It's not every day you see a Volkswagen Bus turned into a time machine. Heck, I'd go as far as to say this is the first time you've seen such a thing. Available at Music City Motor Cars in Nashville, Tennessee is this 1967 VW Bus, which was modified by none other than BLVD Customs. This beauty was dreamt up by Cortland Finnegan, cornerback for the Carolina Panthers. He came to the shop with a shell of a VW Bus, parts and an idea in his mind. BLVD Customs was up to the challenge and went to work.
The idea behind this project was to build a bus that embodied the spirit of the Back to the Future movies. To do this, BLVD Customs use their imagination to create a one-off vehicle you'll never see anywhere else. Once the project was complete, Finnegan was presented with one of the most creative and radical VW Bus' on the road. On the outside, a stainless steel vinyl wrap was applied, contrasting against the black trim. In order to get inside, you can either use the stock side door for the passengers or the custom-built gull-wing doors, just like the original DeLorean from Back to the Future. Having hopped in the bus myself, it's quite a trip to use gullwing doors to get into such a vehicle and makes it an absolute showstopper.
Inside, the bus has been completely remodeled. Both the front and rear have the same color scheme for the aftermarket upholstery, a scheme that was chosen to mimic the hues used in the Back to the Future logo. In the front, the driver and passenger are greeted by a time machine module and flux capacitor, both of which, look like they were pulled right from Doc's own DeLorean. Passengers in the rear have the ability to relax in the jump seat or a custom built bench seat that folds out into a bed. No matter where they sit, they'll have the chance to either watch a movie on the TV mounted on the custom partition or enjoy the sun beaming through the massive ragtop.
This VW Bus truly is a one-off that could never be recreated and that's why Finnegan picked BLVD Customs to get the job done. In fact, this wasn't the first time he has gone to them for work, as he has had multiple modified by then, including a 1975 Caprice, Ranger Rover and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. If you want to learn more or are interested, be sure to click the button below to see this bus' listing on

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