The Bugatti Chiron has taken the world by storm for many reasons. The first reason has to be that its the successor to the ever-popular Veyron and is a new Bugatti model in itself. The second reason is most certainly its massive powertrain that includes a massive 8-liter W16 engine. Altogether, the new Chiron is capable of 1,500 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque.

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One thing many people noted about the Veyron was that even though it had a big ol' engine, it didn't sound ferocious enough. Well, Bugatti most definitely changed that with the Chiron, because this new hypercar sounds like an absolute monster. Below is a video from Speedracer38 who filmed the Chiron revving in person. If you need to wake up, just click play below and turn up your speakers/headphones. But don't blow out your eardrums, please. Skip to 1:45 if you want to skip the walkaround and just hear the noise.

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