When spending good money on a car, say around $100,000 or so, you might as well take it a step further and customize the vehicle to make it completely unique, right? Will.i.am, along with countless other celebrities, thought so. In this installment of amazing celebrity customizations, Will.i.am is the star alongside is Tesla Model S. This may well be the first time we've seen this extensive amount of customization on the completely electric car.

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This wide-bodied Model S features specialty modifications to the door panels, rear and wheels, giving it a true, "supercar" feel to match its Ludicrous acceleration speeds. Intakes have been added to the door panels and the windows have been blacked out, adding to the menacing appearance of this custom job. The narrator of the YouTube video, effspot, states Will.i.am owns an auto shop, which would make it rather easy for him to make these extensive modifications to his vehicle. Check out the full video below for a look at the customized Tesla Model S.

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