If you're the significant other of a Formula One or IndyCar driver, there's a darn good chance you've never had them drive you around in their race car. That is unless they have access to one of those two-seater cars. For Max Chilton, IndyCar Series race and former F1 star, he wanted to give his girlfriend, Chloe Roberts,  a taste of speed. Unfortunately, he didn't have a two-seater IndyCar on hand, but he did have access to an 800 hp NASCAR. Roberts strapped herself into the passenger seat, while Chilton was taught how to start the powerful American racecar. Once he was ready, the two took down the Goodwood Circuit, doing donuts along the way. After their spin in the car, they stopped and Roberts said it was "terrifying." And I'm not sure if it was from the vibrations of the car or not, but her hand was visibly shaking. Check out the video below to see her ride for yourself!