All of the Model 3 anticipation is finally over. Tesla is known for a cult following, and many turned out for the unveiling of the Model 3 last night. To great applause, the brand's first affordable, high-volume model rolled out on stage for their official debut.

Tesla Model 3 Specs

  • 0-60: <6 seconds
  • 215 mile range
  • Supercharging Capabilities
  • 5-star safety rating
[soliloquy id="100004"] During the unveiling, Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, revealed a five-star safety rated, 0-60 in under six seconds, electric sedan. Even the base Model 3 will have these features. They will also have autopilot options and a range of 215 miles (or better). Tesla's newest sedan is also designed to seat five adults in comfort and the roof is, as Musk describes it, "One continuous pane of glass" giving it more space and an incredible view no matter which seat you're in. Supercharging capability is also standard among all Tesla 3 models. Superchargers are charging stations Tesla has built across the world, which means your Tesla 3 can go anywhere, anytime. So what about price? The Tesla Model 3 will start at $35,000, which after federal and state tax credits, could be lowered to $28,000. Musk asserts that production will begin in 2017 and deliveries will start at the end of 2017. He also stated that at the time of the unveiling, 115,000 Model 3s had already been reserved. Learn more about production, buying capability and all things Model 3 in the video below. What do you think? Will you be reserving a Tesla Model 3? [vimeo id="161138986" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" maxwidth="750"]