Right off of the bat, I will tell you that this will be the best automotive-related videos you'll see all day. Heck, it may be the best video you see all week. What makes this video so great is not only the fact that it's a Ferrari F40, decked out with rally lights, a luggage rack and tire chains, driving through the snow, but also that it's just plain gorgeous. The video, made by Red Bull, takes you through the journey of one F40 owner who doesn't hesitate to take the car out for a joy ride. He journeys up ski slopes and through the mountainside, travelling in both daytime and night time until he reaches his destination. Once it's reached, he takes his luggage down from atop his classic Italian sports car and sets up his own camp site where he cooks himself a noodle dinner. Sure, I've taken a truck off-road in order to get to a camping destination. But a car as historic and valuable as the F40? Can't say that I have or will ever do such a thing. That being said, for those of us who will never partake in such an adventure, the video below is a must watch.

Ferrari F40s For Sale