One of the many things I've learned from YouTube is that a modified Toyota Supra is nothing to mess with, even if you're driving a Lamborghini Aventador. In a video uploaded by That Racing Channel to YouTube, we see a heavily modified Supra go up against an Aventador Roadster on a highway. And now is the point in the article where I state that we don't condone these actions and that you always follow your local traffic laws. Driving in this nature on a public road is a hazard to not only yourself, but others. The Supra in the video is running an engine built by Real Street Performance, including a Borg Warner 7687 turbocharger, AEM EMS V2 tune, 4-inch exhaust and an e-85 tune. Check out the video below to see what power a tuned Supra can hold, even when it's up against a supercar like the Aventador.

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