It's just a normal weekday and you're ready to call Lyft for a ride home from work. The driver, though nice enough, keeps making strange references to racing and challenges other drivers to stop light drag races. She seems a little aggressive, talking about how she takes turns too fast and hates waiting at stop lights. Maybe a little panic comes over you, or maybe this is exactly the kind of ride you needed after a long day at the office. Well this is different, you think to yourself, and then that Lyft driver reveals that's she's actually the famous race-car driver, Danica Patrick. Day. Made. Danica Patrick, the most successful woman race driver in American history, turned heads and made a name for herself when she stepped out on the scene at the Indianapolis 500 in May 2005. During the race, she led for 19 laps and took home 4th place-- a first for a woman in the industry. She continues to dominate the scene today, and only gets better with time. Concealing her identity with some oversized aviator glasses and a floppy beanie, Danica Patrick gives a few unsuspecting Lyft customers a ride they won't soon forget. In the video below, watch the hilarious reactions from the Lyft passengers at Patrick's mercy. All we know is we're wishing we were in Charlotte, North Carolina and in need of a Lyft that day.