At the Quick 30 Dig and Roll Racing event at the Royal Purple Raceway on December 6, a special Chevrolet Chevelle SS showed up to wow the crowd. High Tech Corvette was on hand to capture the car run down the strip and uploaded a video of it, which can be found below. With fat rear tires and an aluminum Donovan 582-inch motor running on pump gas, this monster muscle car absolutely crushes it from a dig. During its sprints, it ran multiple times, each being in the 9's and over 140 mph. This could be because the owner states that its engine pumps out 1,071 hp. What's even better is that this car is downright gorgeous. As the video uploader says in the description, "The engine is so clean you could eat off of it." Check it out below for yourself to see the car in action and view our Chevelle SS' for sale by clicking the button below.

Chevelle SS' For Sale

(Source: YouTube)