During the morning of September 4, 2013, Marc Lieb piloted a Porsche 918 Spyder around Nurburgring and recorded the circuit's new record lap time of 6'57". The car he drove had exposed carbon fiber instead of a paint finish, with a wrap applied on top, which offered weight savings and a spectacular exterior.
Today, CNC Motors of Ontario, California, has the twin to that record-breaking car up for sale. At first glance we were taken aback by the matte black wrap. Then we learned this car was ordered sans pigment, like the record car, and a wrap was applied at the factory to protect the bare carbon fiber. The result is weight savings of 14 lbs when compared to a painted Spyder. To shed pounds even further, the car was ordered with nomex-covered racing seats and the Weissach Package. The focus of the Weissach package was weight reduction, and it makes use of titanium and ceramics to replace traditional alloys to create a curb weight just over 3,600 lbs. This car was also tested by none other than Hurley Haywood, American's most famous automotive endurance racer. Mr. Haywood can attest that this car is the real deal, and it needs a new home. For more info, including price, click the button below.

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