Dynamometers are incredible instruments that are used to measure the power and torque of rotating objects. For automotive applications they're usually calibrated to handle up to 1,000 hp before reliability becomes an issue. There are some V8 engines capable of overpowering a dyno, which can lead to costly repairs for the shop and bragging rights for the car’s owner. What you are about to witness defies your preconceived notions on the dyno, as a quad-turbocharged sixteen cylinder engine is measured for baseline power. In a video uploaded December 7th to the Devel Sixteen YouTube page, the body of the car is shown in detail and the engine is run-in at various levels of boost, resulting in an insane amount of power. Countless hours of engineering and machine work by Steve Morris Engines has resulted in a billet aluminum V16, which looks to share much of its architecture with Chevrolet’s third generation small block V8. About those turbos, they measure a whopping 81mm each; 11mm larger than the Veyron’s compressors. The goal of the Devel Sixteen is to build a 5,000 hp Supercar with the street manners of a daily driver. This level of power is hard to measure, let alone find a tire sponsor that thinks they are up to the task. Getting all four of those big wheels spinning is no easy task, so our prescription is for a small injection of nitrous oxide on the low end which would help to awaken the Devel. There is always more power to be found in cam timing and computer tuning, so stay tuned to Autofluence for more updates on the Devel Sixteen.

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(Source: Devel Sixteen)