When a car drifts, you typically hear the throttle bring feathers and a massive exhaust note. For example, if you're drifting Japan's greatest sounding car, you and everyone else around you is going to hear its engine from miles away. But, what happens if the car you're drifting doesn't have a standard gasoline engine, like the Tesla Model S? There's no doubt that Japan is the epicenter for drifting competitions and that's why it comes as no surprise that this video comes from there. MASUDA Channel was recently in Tokyo at a drift competition when a Model S showcased its drifting capabilities for the crowd. Sure, it couldn't drift as well as the famous drifting Lamborghini, but that wasn't what was important. When you watch the video below, you'll be watching an incredibly powerful car drift with absolutely no engine noise. Is it strange? Sure. But, is it bad? Of course not. These electric cars pack so much power that spinning tires are their favorite past time. That is, if traction control gives way.

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