Willian Borges da Silva, known simply as Willian, has been a star of the Chelsea Football Club, especially after his stunning free kick against Dynamo Kyiv. Now, he's taking his skills to the road with the team at Yiannimize, an English automotive aftermarket shop. After the new "Need for Speed" video was released Nov. 3, people have been customizing their virtual cars and racing against competitors across the world. Instead of customizing their car virtually, Willian and Yannimize chose to take a car straight from the video game and create a real-life version of it. The car is a BMW M3 that has been heavily customized, even where you can't see. The exterior is very similar to an M3 featured in "Need for Speed," complete with a massive rear wing. A neat addition that they made for the car is that you can drive it with a controller. In the video included, uploaded to YouTube Nov. 5, you can see Willian drifting the car with just a Playstation 4 controller. Okay, not really, but there is a driver in the back seat, with a separator between him and the front seats. This illusion makes it look like there isn't a driver in the car. And, I must say, Willian does a good job at playing the part of remote remote-control driver. Think you could drive a car from its rear seat? Let us know in the comments below! But don't try it at home. (via YouTube)

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