Ludacris might be a famous celebrity, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still drive his old 1993 Acura Legend. The reason why this car is so special is because, as he said in a video uploaded by Acura to YouTube on Nov. 3, "this was my first car where I really felt like I had accomplished something in life."
Ludacris Legend
As a car that's been on the road for over two decades, accidents happen; the car was damaged when it had 283,000 miles clocked. This is when Acura stepped in and restored the 1993 "Ludacris Legend" to its former glory. "Besides being a really cool project for our team, this is a great way to express Acura's passion for performance," said Acura global creative director Dave Marek in a Nov. 3 press release. "Acura has incredibly loyal customers, and this has been a unique opportunity to celebrate their passion and affinity for Acura, and that same love for the brand that Ludacris has showed over the past dozen years." Acura was hard at work for two months restoring the car, updating it with 18-inch Rays wheels, new Bridgestone Potenza High-Performance 215/40R/18 tires, a custom Warm Cashmere and Ice Pearl paint theme, a Pioneer ACIC 8/ONEX sound system, two Alpine Type-12 subwoofers in the trunk and more. Acura also dropped the Legend by two inches to show how low the Legend can go. Talking about his reaction to his Legend restored, Ludacris said, "Seeing the car that has been such a big part of my life brought back to beyond its original condition was a real gift." You can see the car for yourself at SEMA 2015, running from November 3-6. (via Acura)

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