It's not your usual mail truck, and these aren't your usual postal workers. But that didn't stop Jay Leno and Ken Block from trying to show off their delivery skills on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage. A quick clip of the episode, which airs tonight on CNBC at 10 pm, was shared to YouTube Nov. 10 and follows a few quick figure eights and donuts from rally driver Ken Block, half of which Leno was in the passenger seat for. He's brought mailman Lonnie to meet Block and check out a possible new option for delivering mail a bit more quickly. The two ride in Blocks' famous 840 hp Hoonicorn RTR,  a 1965 Ford Mustang notchback that's been modified to be Block's latest Gymkhana car. Check out the intense drifts this car is capable of in the video below, and find your own classic Mustang from our exclusive listings.

(via YouTube)

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