From 2006 to 2012, the Ferrari 599 GTB reigned supreme as the marque's premier V12 Grand Turismo Berlinetta. To make sure it had timeless styling, the graceful silhouette was penned by the automotive artists at Pininfarina.

Only a handful of Ferrari models have been built without their influence, so to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the design house, something special was needed. The most powerful version of the 599 was the GTO, and its V12 was rated at 661 hp and 460 lb-ft, so it was only logical to offer it as a convertible. Removing the roof of any car is not an easy task, especially one with this much power. As a tribute to Pininfarina,the 599 SA Aperta's name is derrived from the first initials of Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, along with Aperta, the Italian term for “open.”  Only 80 cars were built, making them among the most sought after Ferraris of all time. Potential owners were selected by the Italian manufacturer, and had to have owned several Ferrari models in order to qualify.

Only a handful made it to the US, and they are rarely seen in public. That’s why we jump out of our chairs when our dealers list them for sale. This pristine example with just 841 miles was ordered with a carbon fiber roof panel along with many white interior accents. If you have room in your collection, this is your opportunity to own a piece of history. For more information, including price and more pictures, click button below to view the car's listing.

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