Just because you're the mind behind a famous automotive manufacturer doesn't mean you're limited in your choice of cars to add to your collection. Specifically speaking, Horacio Pagani, the mind behind Pagani, recently added a gorgeous blue Porsche 918 Spyder to his personal collection. News of Pagani's latest hypercar addition comes to us from Marchettino. The automotive YouTuber was at the Misano World Circuit when the man himself pulled up with his son in a Zonda S and the 918 Spyder. His example of the German hybrid hypercar is finished in what appears to be the factory "Sapphire Blue Metallic" paint. And, by way of a quick glance, you can see that it is also fitted with the Weissach Package.

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Marchettino uploaded a video today of the car at the circuit, where Pagani and son took it around the track for a few laps. Mind you, they only took delivery of the car less than a week ago, so they took a few laps to get used to the car in a track setting. Check out the video below and also check out the Porsche 918 Spyders for sale on duPontREGISTRY.com by clicking the button below.