New inventions, innovation and upcoming unveilings captured the interest of the automotive world during the first week of August 2015, and we had a front row seat to everyone's reactions. Below you'll find the five most read articles of this past week from Autofluence, followed by the five listings on that saw the most visitors. Whether you're interested in finding yourself a classic Ford F-600, motorcycle with a jet turbine, news about Lamborghini's upcoming project or how on earth a dirt bike managed to run on top of a wave, scroll down, start clicking and find all the info you could ever need. And, as always, be sure to stay with us for next week's updates from the automotive world.

Top 5 Articles on Autofluence

The Future is Here: Lexus Hoverboard Unveiled

Think back, way back – to the future, in fact. Do you recall a certain Marty McFly cruising across a pond on a... Read More

Ferrari FXX with Guy Martin at the Wheel

Guy Martin has been in some high speed situations, but nothing seems to have blown him away quite like... Read More

Going Where No Bike Has Gone Before: Surfing on Dirt Bike in Tahiti

Robbie Maddison, an Australian dirtbike stunt rider, recently went surfing on a modified dirtbike. Yes, you read that correctly: he surfed a... Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotted in his Bugatti

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted around California cruising in his Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse many times before, most recently... Read More

New Lamborghini to be Unveiled at Pebble Beach

Motor Trend’s latest bombshell eclipses any other news about Monterey Car Week. In a reported July 21, Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman reported that... Read More

Top 5 Listings from

2015 McLaren P1

Naples, Florida

View Price

2014 Hennessey Venom GT

Murrsyville, Pennsylvania

View Price

1989 Nissan GT-R

Oldsmar, Florida

View Price

1972 Ford F-600

Sun, Arizona

View Price

2002 Custom Y2K Superbike

Camas, Washington

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