Just because a car is environmentally friendly, that doesn't mean it can't be a high-performance, good looking, luxurious creation.

Since its first unveiling at Top Marques Monaco 2015, the Elizabeta package for the Model S has cemented LARTE Design's position as an official part of the Tesla world. Prince Albert II pulled back the sheet on the Model S Elizabeta in April, and the aggressive take on the already-stunning Model S was able to impress the world. A sharp red color was contrasted against black wheels and carbon fiber fender flares, side sills and trunk lid, and a sports electric vehicle (EV) was truly born. “Colors have a great influence on how we perceive a design – they can make an object look lighter, heavier, more aggressive, more elegant or even faster,” Alexey Yanovskiy, CEO of LARTE Design, has said before. So for their next Model S Elizabeta, they went with a color that's elegant, light, harmonic and regularly found on American cars - white.

The ultra-light basalt fiber body work and 22" forged wheels blend beautifully in a soft white color on this particular Model S, which was displayed at the Santa Clara, California Tesla Motor Club event from July 10-12, where 15 other companies displayed their updates and contributions to the Tesla world. Of course, it's not just the stunning exterior and reworked interior of the LARTE Design Model S Elizabeta that make it such an interesting take on a Tesla. The quiet nature of an EV deters some enthusiasts from wanting one. However, the Elizabeta package includes a unique and unusual sound module that acoustically replicates the sound of acceleration. But not only can you select from an existing sound, you can also store individual sounds files and compositions. The options are endless when it comes to LARTE improvements to Tesla's design. Check out the photos of the white Elizabeta Model S below, and find one for yourself by hitting the button.

LARTE Model S Elizabeta Tuning Kits


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