Guy Martin has been in some high-speed situations, but nothing seems to have blown him away quite like a Ferrari did.
Supercar Driver in the United Kingdom is known for hosting some of the most incredible gatherings of supercars and their owners this world has ever seen. The weekend of August 1, they hosted their Red Arrows Diamond 9 event, and included among the attendees was a rare creation indeed. The Ferrari FXX was the first XX creation to come from Ferrari, and the one that attended is one of the few in the world modified to be a street legal version. So, of course, British motorcycle racer Martin needed a chance to get behind the wheel. Luckily for us, we get to see his reaction to the ride in a video added by Supercar Driver today.

"I've been in fast things, right, I have never been in anything like that," Martin says when he's done. "I'm shaking, I'm bloody shaking." Check out his fright-inducing run in the video above, browse the images from RiadArianeMedia below and stay with us for more updates from the automotive world.

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(Source: RiadArianeMedia, YouTube)

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