We have quite a few Jaguar E-Types listed on dupontREGISTRY.com, but this particular example has an incredible story that transforms it into a piece automotive history, frozen in time. We recently had the chance to talk with the seller, John Temerian, about the car and its history.

It also started seven months ago when the Temerian received a text message from a friend saying, "Didn't your father fix old Jaguars?" Apparently, her father was liquidating his prized possession: a 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster.

Because Temerian receives so many inquiries about mysterious vintage cars for sale, he was skeptical. This reaction was reasonable considering how many E-Types are out in the world.

During its heyday, the E-Type was considered one of the most beautiful cars on the road. Its English styling is something that, even to this day, is simply iconic.

And, unlike most motorists in the 1960s and ‘70s, Jaguar owners drove their cars, racking up miles. These cars are hard to find with low mileage. In fact, Temerian told us that finding a "no-mileage, unrestored, brand-new Ferrari is not that hard" to find. But finding a similar Jaguar E-Type Roadster is "unheard of."

Well, after meeting with the owner, the car in question was exactly that: an unrestored, brand-new 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster with only 2,000 miles on its odometer.

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How did this happen?

Back on November 29, 1972, the "owner" visited Foreign Cars of North East to purchase his dream car: a silver on red E-Type. After parting with $7,000, he welcomes the car into his garage. Unfortunately, he was not aware of the dealership's impending closing.

After the dealership closed, he was left without a license for his new Jaguar and no way to register it. He was forced to stow away his dream in his garage while he filed a lawsuit against the dealership and importer.

During the next two years, he purchased a British Racing Green 1974 E-Type V12 Roadster that he used for hill climbs, rallies and cruises. He did all of this while his original purchase was still holed up in his garage, collecting dust.

Eventually, he won his battle, received his money back and was able to purchase the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, commonly known as an "MSO," for a mere $2,500. 

Still, the car didn't see much time on the road, which is why it's now being offered for sale with an unbelievably low amount of miles clocked.

It comes with its original interior, paint, tires and documents, making it basically untouched for its 40 years of existence. It is also being sold by John Temerian, someone who comes from a family that has owned 50 E-Types over the years and is very passionate about the model.

This may very well be the very last "brand-new" 1972 Jaguar E-Type in existence, and it's looking for a new home. Find out how to make it yours at the button below.

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