Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted around California cruising in his Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse many times before, most recently in May, but this most recent spotting shares some footage rather than a quickly snapped picture. Starting with a quick drive past the Veyron's right side and ending with a clear shot of it parked in front of a Beverly Hills hotel, this July 31 video from DLMphotos covers almost every exterior angle of Arnold's prized silver Bug. And, as the caption tells us, it was Arnold's 68th birthday, July 30, when the cameraman and actor-turned-politician crossed paths.

Both Arnold and the Bugatti seem a little out of place sitting in traffic on a crowded road. With 1,014 hp and 994 lb-ft under the hood and Schwarzenegger's history as weightlifter, actor and governor, the combination of the two is certainly out of the norm. But then again, if it was your birthday, would you stick with driving your daily, or take out that exotic and celebrate?

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(Source: YouTube)

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