LARTE Design develops tuning kits for such renowned brands as Infiniti, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus. All stages of tuning kit production, starting from the first sketch through clay modeling and component installation, take place in the workshops of their international studio.
The Infiniti QX 80 LR3 featuring LARTE's design package
Always trying to anticipate its customers’ wishes, LARTE Design symbolizes the art of transformation, passion for self-expression and individuality. All these feelings inspire a highly professional team of unique specialists to create bold designs, combining elegance with truly aggressive lines. The utmost attention to details, craftsmanship, precision of lines and surfaces enable them to develop fascinating, eye-catching tuning elements, which will not let your car stay unnoticed on the road. The constantly increasing number of customers all over the world is yet one more sign of the recognition of LARTE’s successful approach to automotive design. Compliance with global standards and development of car tuning culture are the core tasks that the studio sets itself. The modern production combines the traditions of manual labor with new technologies, equipment and high-tech composite materials made of basalt fiber and carbon fabrics. Preserving and using manual labor is an important part of the company’s philosophy. It is well known that hand made parts are the inevitable attribute of luxury, and thanks to skilled and highly-qualified employees, they manage to create exclusive design tuning packages and produce their limited editions with top quality.
Teak flooring is an option available through LARTE Design
LARTE Design pursues 2 paradoxical goals: preserve the recognizability and express the unique character of each car. Like Swiss watch makers, their specialists devote the utmost attention to the improvement of the exterior and interior, accentuating their individuality. The seam fitting of tuning parts is done manually for each car. This process is up to the standards of a tailor’s work at haute couture ateliers. No matter how perfect the model’s figure is, there are sometimes millimeter gaps between the dimensions of the sample and the person. The same applies to cars – each is different from its assembly line fellows, even if the difference is just a tenth of a millimeter. The studio’s specialists can identify and correctly mark all these differences and fit the parts so that the final quality is not distinguishable from the perfect factory assembly.
Paints are selected for tuned parts according to the same parameters as in the factory, so that even the most experienced eye doesn’t distinguish any difference in the colors. Paint matchers prepare the paint based on the car color code. Unlike a human eye, existing computer systems cannot perfectly match the five or six shades of the factory paint of the car. That’s why the thickness, brightness and intensity of the paint for tuned parts are controlled not only by equipment but also by experienced paint experts. LARTE Design’s creative approach to the transformation of a car's image demonstrates that even a legendary car can be revolutionized through several brilliant details. The turning of a key, soft roar of the engine - the voice of the vehicle, and the start. No matter how many tuning kits have been developed by LARTE Design, each of them becomes unique, the soul of only one single car. Yours. Today their collection is comprised of 8 exclusive tuning kits for Infiniti models: 3 packages for QX70 and QX80, 1 for Q70 and QX60. Mostly “wanted” are QX70 LR2, QX70 LR3 and QX80 LR3, which you can see and learn more about in the galleries below.

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Infiniti QX70 LR2

The dynamics and thrill of this elegant model are highlighted by the new front and rear bumpers, new radiator grille, exhaust tips and door sills. Lighting plays a special role in this kit – vertical LED lamps along the edges of the front bumper are real eye-catchers.

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Infiniti QX80 LR3

This was the very model of Infiniti which inspired LARTE Design to make the boldest change to the radiator grille – it now features the letter V, symbolizing the spirit of pioneering and victory, which is so typical of this powerful car. The front and rear bumpers were also significantly modified. The exhaust system was specially developed by the company Remus and has chrome tailpipes. The car also has new daytime running lights, fog lights and reflectors from a German supplier Nolden.

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Infiniti QX70 LR3

The brutal appearance of this car has achieved a new dimension due to the aggressive lower bumper and two rows of running lights. The tuning kit also includes air inlets in the rear bumper, new door sills, a new spoiler, black chrome exhaust tips and wheel arch extensions, which make the car 5 cm broader.

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The studio is like a theater – everything begins with a creative idea, followed by endless rehearsals, thorough work of producers, actors and scene designers. Then there is the exciting preparation for the premier, the preview and, finally, the premier itself, enthusiastic comments of critics and the love of spectators. Big international tours are also an inseparable part of the company. LARTE Design visits all important international automotive shows where participation cannot be purchased; the company has to prove its high level, its craftsmanship. The highest recognition of the company’s professionalism is the constantly growing number of customers in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Russia. Most sophisticated clients who have extensive experience with the best design studios of the world choose LARTE more and more often. By now, more than 1,000 cars with the LARTE Design badge drive all over the world.


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