This isn't just an opportunity to own an individual Saleen. Not just the Saleen S7, S7R or the S5S Raptor - a concept that never made it to production. It's an opportunity to pick up where Steve Saleen left off.

Currently for sale are the full assets of and intellectual property rights to the Saleen S7, S7R and S5S Raptor in a Date Certain Private Treaty Sale. All remaining inventory, parts, memorabilia, molds and designs are part of this purchase, including six S7 and S7R chassis. That means you have full control over all things S7, S7R and S5S Raptor - from use of their likeness, to their name. "These prized assets have been kept in safe storage for the past five years which makes this a truly rare and historic opportunity to own all assets and rights to the first ‘Great American Supercar,’ and allow a new owner to continue the legacy with the S5S Raptor," explains the GA Global Partners' website's listing of this rare offering.
The Saleen S5S Raptor
The S7 has been recognized as America's first production supercar, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph when it was introduced in 2001. Today it still stands as one of the greatest automotive creations from this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and with this opportunity, it's time for a new person to carry the torch and push the Saleen's legacy even further. Hit the button below to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and how you can register to bid.

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(Source: GA Auction)

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