As a tribute to 50 years of James Bond, which ultimately created the 50th anniversary collection, a group of private collectors came together to create the 007 SpyCar. A working example of the famed spy's classic Aston Martin, this one-of-fifty replica is now also a once-in-a-lifetime ownership opportunity courtesy of Axis Auto.

In their decision making, the Aston Martin used in the movie “Die Another Day” was their first choice. They soon realized that if they wanted to add all the James Bond gadgets, this would not be possible. They used the Aston Martin body, but with Ford running gear throughout the car. This particular replica comes fully loaded with all the James Bond special features,  including rockets and machine guns that come out of the front grill, two cannons that come out of retractable hood grills, an in-dash bar that opens to reveal a chilled bottle of champagne with two glasses and a rear revolving licence plate that hold two personalized licence plates. There are two options for controlling these features; one is a secret panel hidden in the dash, and the second is a handheld remote for controlling them outside of the car.
*Remember, never drink and drive. Save the champagne for when you've arrived at your destination.
In 1994 Ford acquired 96 percent of Aston Martin, at which point Ford began investing in the manufacturing of its newest venture. They first opened 2 new factories, one in Bloxam in 1994, and another in Gaydon in 2003. From their, Ford ramped up the efficiency of Aston Martin, as well as produced some of Aston Martin’s most successful cars to date, including the DB7, DB9, the Vantage, the Vanquish and the DBS, which was featured in the movies “Casino Royal” and “Quantum of Solace.” As mentioned in a press release from Ford, “Ford vehicles have been featured in James Bond films more than any other auto makers, making the association the longest in cinematic history”. So, when the script for the James Bond film, “Die Another Day,” MGM pictures and Eon productions called on its long-time association with Ford to outfit these characters with the right vehicles. Once again, Ford’s crown jewel brand, Aston Martin, was cast.

The James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan personally signed a photo that was inlayed into a stunning framed poster. This car also comes with a numbered plaque personally signed by all the people involved in the build of the 007 Spy Car. The creation of this limited edition required over 45,000 hours in R&D and over 2,500 hours per car to manufacture, and this one is the #44 of the 50 in the collection. Take a moment to see the full list of features and photos of this rare offering below, then head over to the listing on to make it yours. For inquiries, be sure to contact (604) 200-3688 or visit

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(Text provided by: Axis Autos)