Country clubs are lovely. They're a wonderful place to pass the time, enjoy a game of golf or tennis, take a swim in the pool and enjoy dinner at a private restaurant. But wouldn't they all be better with a little extra power added in?

Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is the result of adding that power to a country club experience, catering to drivers with a taste for luxury and a need for the track. Of course, this isn't just any track. With the intent of providing the best possible experience for every member, the AMP track was designed by Hermann Tilke, famed racecar driver and designer of the some of the world's finest F1 tracks.

But even if you've never been on a track before, you're ready for this one. Nearly 75 percent of the 436 current members at AMP had never driven on a track before. While it's not a wheel-to-wheel racing facility, AMP does offer the necessary tools members need to drive their cars fast and legally, all in a controlled environment.

Tilke has built 27 F1 tracks through Tilke Engineering, and this is the only design of his that was specifically crafted for a country club. It covers a total of two miles and draws its inspiration from the world's most renowned courses, including the Spa-Francorchamps and the Nurburgring's Carousel. The elevation changes, with a difference of 100 feet between the highest and lowest points, and the details are even F1 specific - down to the curbing and rumble strips.

A map of the grounds at Atlanta Motorsport Park (click to enlarge)

If you keep your track car at home, you can drive it over for the day, but if you'd prefer to keep the distance between storage and acceleration as short as possible, AMP offers garages for rent in a variety of sizes. It's the perfect opportunity to escape for some alone time with your favorite car, and it's an even better opportunity to spend an entire day with the family.

Though this rigorous track is the primary draw to AMP, there are countless other ways to spend your time while there. There's a pool, fitness center, basketball court and kart track, a restaurant to enjoy lunch or dinner, a series of hiking trails and fire pits for some natural exploration and locker rooms for when the day draws to a close. Stillwater Farms is just across the street, where horseback riding lessons, trail rides, storytelling and arts and crafts are all available.

Really, it's a new kind of country club designed with the automotive enthusiast in mind. Whether spending the day with the family, with a friend, entertaining a client or enjoying some solitude, Atlanta Motorsports Park can provide the perfect setting. Just get in, hit the gas and go.

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