By itself, the 458 Ferrari is a beauty. Replacing the F430, it has the power and style you would expect from the Italian sports car manufacturer. But certain modifications can take this to a whole new level. A perfect example of a 458 Italia that is beyond standard is the one Vossen Forged Wheels is selling.
Used as the Vossen Forged's show car, it has been kept in "mint" condition. As it should be, because it's donning an incredibly rare finish known as "Rosso Fucco Opaco," a $32,600 option. To further enhance the car's beauty is a full Novitec package and 21- x 9-inch and 22- x 12.5-inch Vossen Forged Wheels. It comes with the Ferrari Factory Warranty until June 29, 2016 and Ferrari Maintenance until June 28, 2020 or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first, along with the 20-inch factory wheels and tires. Below are the factory options included and additional upgrades made to the car.

Factory Options

Aditional Upgrades

As you can see, the car comes fully loaded with a plethora of options. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only own a rare car, but also a famous once. In fact, you can see the car in the video provided below. Click the button below to see the listing and asking price.

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