Cars come and go through Floyd Mayweather's collection faster than styles go out of fashion, and even some of the finest cars produced in automotive history can't count on staying in his garage long.
Case and point, his Ferrari Enzo. As we reported Jan. 26, Mayweather added the pinnacle pony to his collection, posing for a few photos with it the day it was delivered by Fusion Luxury Motors.

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But June 11, Fusion's Facebook page showed the Rosso powerhouse back at their showroom. "HIS NAME IS 'ENZO' !" states the caption of its photo. The next day, June 12, they shared a video of the Enzo driving up to the dealership, and shortly after it appeared on their website's listed inventory. Check out the photos below to get a closer look at this piece of Ferrari's history, and hit the button to learn more about purchasing details.

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