Enzo Ferrari always knew that marketing his cars in the United States was a key to his success. That’s why he reserved the 575 Superamerica name for specialized versions of his best cars. No one will deny that the 575 Maranello was a proper Ferrari. It debuted in 2002 with a 5.7-liter V12 and a six-speed manual transmission as an updated 550M, touched up with smooth Pininfarina styling. While it looks great as a hardtop coupe, something was lacking. For the discerning American driver who wants the feel of a convertible, they decided to add an electro-chromatic roof panel. Much like the Magic Sky roof of the Mercedes-Benz SL, it uses an electrical current to change from translucent to opaque on command. The real treat is that if you want to feel the wind in your hair, this roof can rotate 180 degrees to lay flush into a concave depression in the deck lid.

Due to the complexity of the construction and the reinforcements needed for the chassis, only 599 Superamericas were built. Because they are among the last V12 Ferrari to offer a manual transmission, we have witnessed a recent surge in their sales. Improved intake and exhaust pushed horsepower to 532 with torque sitting at 434 lb-ft.

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Only 64 cars were built with the manual transmission option, and they are among the most sought after collectible of the modern era. Optional was the HGTC handling package, which added carbon ceramic brakes and faster ratio steering along with a lower ride height.  If you fancy a V12 Grand Tourer with a disappearing top, check out these listings from our dealers.

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