He's blasted through time, taken Joan of Arc to the mall and destroyed the Matrix, but he hasn't driven Ferrari's powerful turbocharged beast - until now. And yes, he chose the red one. In a video posted to Ferrari's YouTube channel today, we get to see Keanu Reeves himself take a 488 GTB out on the track during a visit to Maranello. He took his first trip around in the passenger seat, then had a chance to switch it up and get behind the wheel for a turn.

“It’s a car you instantly feel an incredible synergy with,” he's quoted as saying in an article on Ferrari's News site about the visit. “It’s like it’s tailored around you, an extension of your body and your mind. There’s no doubt about it: Ferrari is the dream…” He received a full tour of the facilities at Ferrari's headquarters, including trips to the assembly lines, Classiche Department, GES building and more before ending his trip with a test drive of the California.

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(Source: Ferrari, YouTube)

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