Though he waited months for his vibrant blue P1 to arrive, Deadmau5 didn't spend much time with the original paint color. On March 31, the Canadian music producer accepted delivery of the McLaren P1 he ordered in October of last year, and just under a month later, it was sporting a very different look in preparation for the Gumball 3000 Rally. It became the "Ace of Spades" for Team Meowclaren with a new vinyl wrap, and it will be joining his 650S, which is sporting a "Queen of Hearts" wrap.

From Stockholm, Sweden, to Las Vegas, Nevada, Deadmau5 and dozens of other celebrities and luxury car enthusiasts will be traveling in their decked out cars starting May 23, but for now, Team Meowclaren is still in Ontario, Canada, and YouTuber Ontario Supercars spotted them at a car event.

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Uploaded to YouTube May 3, the video above shows us a quick walk around of the Ace of Spades P1, with the fitting license plate of "DATP1THO," with the Queen of Hearts 650S in the background. It then cuts to a rear-shot of the P1 launching down a straight, tree-lined clear roadway. Check out the video above to get a preview of what this year's Gumball 3000 has in store, and then find yourself the perfect P1 from our exclusive listings below, and start planning your team for Gumball 3000 2016.

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(Source: YouTube via Carbuzz)

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