Horsepower tends to have all the attention when looking at a car’s power and ability. The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is being heralded as one of the newest breakthroughs for engineering in the United States because it’s American Muscle capable of producing more than 700 hp, hitting 707, to be exact. Granted, this is impressive. In fact, it’s downright awe-inspiring. But in the overall scheme of the car, it alone isn’t terribly important. So let's take a look at the top cars with the most torque.

Because without torque, there is no horsepower.

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Horsepower, then, is a calculation of how quickly torque is being used, or the power needed to lift 550 pounds one foot in one second, a metric that is calculated from torque. In simpler terms, horsepower looks at how torque is applied, while torque is the force being applied and moving your vehicle forward.

It’s time to shine a little light on our “High Torque Cars,” capable of producing the highest amount of torque the automotive world has ever seen.

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Highest Torque Cars:

Rimac Nevera

1,741 lb/ft

The Rimac Nevera is the electric car that is changing the entire rulebook for hypercars. With unprecedented levels of power and the incredible torque that electric cars are capable of brought to the most extreme degree, the Rimac Nevera signals the beginning of a new era in automotive performance.

Koenigsegg Regera

1,475 lb/ft

Since its inception, Koenigsegg has been known for its incredible level of innovation when it comes to performance, making aptly dubbed "megacars" with statistics that impress well beyond their youth. The Koenigsegg Regera is one of their most extreme examples, able to use hybrid power with a 5,0-liter V8 and somehow only one gear with a unique transmission called Koenigsegg Direct Drive to rocket to 249 mph.

Lotus Evija

1,254 lb/ft

As an electric revolution changes the landscape of the auto industry, cult-classic sports car manufacturer Lotus was not to be left behind. Rather, Lotus decided to have a renaissance along with the rest of the industry, and this renaissance was heralded with the Evija, the world's most powerful production car at 1,974 horsepower, and Lotus's first all-electric vehicle.

Bugatti Divo

1,180 lb/ft

When you're talking about a car with 4 turbochargers and 16 cylinders, it's no surprise that it's powerful. Bugatti introduced this engine nearly 20 years ago with the Veyron, and even after two decades, it is still one of the world's most formidable powerplants, especially when you consider that the 1,180 lb/ft of torque is going to all four wheels.

Brabus G V12 Limited Edition

1,106 lb/ft

The AMG designation signifies a Mercedes-Benz that's not only luxurious but capable when it comes to serious performance. The Brabus designation, however, is one that puts Mercedes-Benz cars in an entirely different league, making cars like this G-Class-turned twin-turbo 12-cylinder supercar with unheard-of torque figures.

Dodge Ram Heavy Duty

1,075 lb/ft

Towing and carrying heavy loads means that trucks require plenty of torque, and the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty is generous with it. Coming from a straight-six turbodiesel engine from Cummins, the 1,075 lb/ft of torque means that you can do some serious hauling.

Karma Revero

981 lb/ft

This stylish plug-in hybrid shows that while the future can be green, future drivers certainly won't be green with envy at how much fun drivers had in the past with gasoline-powered cars. With eye-catching looks, sumptuous luxury, rear-wheel drive, and assistance from the same engine as the BMW i8, the Karma Revero is the luxury sedan from the future that has respect for tradition.

Porsche 918 Spyder

944 lb/ft

The "Holy Trinity" era of hypercars was quite the time to be a car enthusiast. Three of the automotive world's greatest brands fiercely competed to create the best hypercars in the world with hybrid technology, and what came of it was nothing short of incredible. While all of those cars had incredible performance, the Porsche 918's V8 engine and two electric motors landed it on a list of cars with the most torque of all time, and car enthusiasts are still impressed and humbled by what it can do today.

Koenigsegg Agera RS

944 lb/ft

Koenigsegg has learned how to use 5.0-liter V8 engines, and ruthless engineering for light weight, optimal aerodynamics, and weight distribution to stay at the top of the supercar game for years, and the Agera RS is one of the most extreme examples. Dubbed "the ultimate track tool" by Koenigsegg, the Agera RS combines ludicrous power with light weight and lots of downforce to make a certifiable rocket.

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