10 Reasons Diablo Lamborghini

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Lamborghini Diablo

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Not all cars are nice cars. Some don’t play by the rules. Of all the cute & civilized models that normal people treat as simple appliances, there also exists a darker side. A device devoted to wreak havoc and incite feelings of inadequacy and greed should have an evil name; Lamborghini’s Diablo was a product of a decade of excess. If you don’t fear the burning ring of fire, give Diablo his due and let us explain how it lives up to such a name. View the Complete Lamborghini Diablo Price & Specs.

  1. Power: If you ever owned a car designed in the 80’s, you know that power was in short supply. Lamborghini used every trick in the book to coax 492 hp and 248 lb-ft from their 5.7L V12. More power than the F40, without the uncontrollable turbos.
  2. Style: Every kid had this poster on the wall. More than justification for college, Diablo was a slap in the face to conservative 90’s car culture.
  3. No Compromises: Diablo was among the first Italians to offer power seats, power steering and Alpine audio. Finding any car of this vintage with these options is rare, making it an almost comfortable daily driver.
  4. AWD: Chrysler invested millions into making Diablo unbeatable, and launched the All Wheel Drive “VT” model in 1993. “Vicious Traction” was a refinement of the LM002’s system which could send up to 25% of torque to the front wheels.
  5. Carbon Fiber: Working many late nights in the Lambo body shop, Horacio Pagani paved the way for Carbon Fiber to replace aluminum. In this way, Diablo is still more advanced than your daily driver.
  6. Rarity: Under 3,000 cars were produced, so your chances of seeing another one in the wild are very low
  7. Remix Edition: Audi’s influences were inevitable, so they revised Diablo for 1999. Many external changes and a larger engine helped Diablo prepare for the arrival of the Murcielago.
  8. Track Car: If you enjoy racing on the weekends, not much work is required to make Diablo into a fierce competitor.
  9. The Bad Guy: Diablo is 50% Tony Soprano and 50% Tony Montana. Sometimes it just feels good to be bad. If your alter-ego is an Italian sociopath
  10. Final “True” Lamborghini: Back on December 21, 1999, a Diablo SV rolled off of the production line as the final “true” Lamborghini. All subsuquent models have been guided by their corporate parents at Audi.

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