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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Ferrari 458 Speciale

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Sometimes you should take the road less traveled and opt for a limited production run of the last model. To give the 458 Italia a proper farewell, engineers and automotive artisans pulled out all the stops to build the 458 Speciale. You might not agree with all of these, but here are 10 valid points to consider when choosing between the two.

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  1. Drift Master: Side Slip Control is a program specific to the Speciale which allows the driver to enter and hold a corner while in a controlled drift.
  2. Easy Breathing: Since the 458 is probably among the last naturally aspirated V8 models, the intakes and exhausts were opened up to make a screaming monster at 9,000 rpm.
  3. Lap Times: In testing around Maranello, 458 Speciale was only half a second behind the F12berlinetta. That is quite an accomplishment for having a disadvantage of four cylinders.
  4. Interior: Interacting with your 458 Speciale is rewarding thanks to having two interior colors: Carbon and Fiber (Who doesn’t love the stuff?). To save on weight, the door panels along with most other upholstered pieces are made of glossy composites.
  5. Exterior: No expense was spared to make Speciale in an aerodynamic masterpiece. Adjustable surfaces at the front and rear work with small winglets along the rocker panels to keep the car planted at speed
  6. Chassis: The aluminum space frame is built by Alcoa, and it is an evolution of a design that launched on the 360 Modena. Speciale also sports forged monoblock Alcoa wheels that are only 23 lbs each.
  7. Weight: From the aluminum chassis to the composite interior, Speciale weighs in at only 3,076 lbs. The new 488 GTB is almost 400 lbs heavier thanks to twin turbos and other unnecessary luxuries.
  8. Lag: No matter how advanced your wastegates and computer controls are, turbochargers take time to spool up. With the Speciale, there’s no lag thanks to a lack of turbos.
  9. Grip: Ferrari states that lateral adhesion of the 458 Speciale is 1.33 G. If you can hold on to a steering wheel at that level, be our guest to try because at that point the car is able to outperform the driver.
  10. Pininfarina: The 458 Speciale wears a body styled by Pininfarina, but since the famed styling house was purchased by Indian conglomerate Mahindra, it is probably among the last Ferrari models to sport such perfect proportions.

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