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Tire Stickers LLC Sweeps the SEMA Show with 4 Global Media Awards

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With over 2,000 exhibitors from around the world, the SEMA Show is the premier event to find the best automotive specialty products. Thousands of new products are entered each year with a limited number taking claim to a Global Media Award.

The Global Media Awards are conducted by an esteemed panel of international judges from 15 countries throughout Asia, South Africa, Europe, and South America. Each judge awards 10 products that highlight the interests of global publications and are most likely to succeed commercially.

For Tire Stickers LLC‘s SEMA Show exhibiting debut, they were honored to receive not only one, but an unprecedented four Global Media Awards for .the submission of tire lettering products!

Tire Stickers LLC Sweeps the SEMA Show with 4 Global Media Awards

Tire Stickers LLC offers solutions for tire sidewall branding, including short-term and long-term solutions, and has served the tire brands and consumers since 2007. Tire Stickers LLC also offers functional solutions including bar codes, RFID, and other labeling solutions for tires and non-tire rubber products.

For further information regarding Tire Stickers LLC productions, contact info@tirestickers.com or visit the page below.

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