Supercar Launches Leaving Cars & Coffee Italy

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This past weekend saw some incredible car shows happening all around the world as gear heads rose with the sun to attend their closest Cars & Coffee events.

Italian enthusiasts near Turin had the opportunity to visit Cars & Coffee Italy on Saturday, Sept. 19, and with a turnout that included models from all makes and generations, it was a beautiful show in an even more beautiful setting.

YouTube channel NM225 Car HD Videos shared a video today of the parade of supercars leaving the event, with each taking a turn launching, revving and/or doing a small burnout before heading off into the rolling hills of northern Italy’s countryside.

The official Facebook page for the event also shared a look at all the cars that arrived, with live updates happening the day of the event and a first recap gallery added Sept. 20. Take a moment to check out the photos from this Cars & Coffee event below and the video above, then browse our exclusive listings to find a supercar for the next Saturday morning car show near you.

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(Source: YouTube, Facebook)

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