North America’s Only GP Drive & Ride Experience

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All true fans of Formula One have dreamed about getting behind the wheel of a real F1 race car. Forget about video game simulators or even your imagination; here is the opportunity to drive the real thing on a real Formula One race track.

The GP Experience is here to make your dreams come true, a premier organization that offers you this once in a lifetime opportunity. The GP Experience travels to circuits across North America, bringing with them the expertise and assets you need to drive a real F1 race car. Below is a quick breakdown of their authentic Formula One Experience.


By the end of the program, you will be experiencing the power, cornering, braking and sheer speed that only a real F1 Car can provide. You will also have some serious bragging rights, as you will be one of the very few people in the world that can say they actually drove in a real F1 race car.

On top of that, if you wish to experience the thrill more than once, the GP Experience also offers the GP Drivers Club. This program allows drivers to get behind the wheel of truly late model F1 race cars for serious lap time. Up to multiple 4-lap sessions are available. This includes the option to drive in the exact chassis that Kimi Raikonen used in his third-place finish at the 2012 World Championship.

As stated earlier, The GP Experience will be offering a unique opportunity to participate in the program at Circuit of the Americas, North America’s only Formula One specified race track, on Dec. 4. This event is a premium experience and includes:

  • Welcome/Briefing
  • Go Kart Practice & Race
  • Super Car Track Time
  • Lunch: Meals & Miles
  • F1X3 Ride Experience (2 Hot Laps)
  • F1® Drive Experience(3 Laps)
  • Podium Ceremony/Award
  • Welcome dinner
  • One night hotel accommodation at a 4-5 stars hotel

To reserve your spot at the COTA event, or to learn more, be sure to click the button below.

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