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MotorCity Rally: Driving Cars Like They Were Meant to be Driven

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Founded in 2012, MotorCity Rally was just a basic little car gathering meant to be a local Michigan event. It spread to Indiana, but remained small. In 2015 though, the event garnered enough popularity to become a multi-state event. The 2015 event spanned from Detroit to New York City at first, but was pushed to cover the southern states as well. Creator of the event, Waseem Qureshi realized there was a demand for the event, and decided to take it full throttle.

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Not just a regular rally, Qureshi wanted to mesh together the rally lifestyle with the gearhead aficionados. His goal was to find like-minded enthusiasts that aren’t afraid to drive, hit the tracks and go hard on the trail. MotorCity Rally caters to the motorsport enthusiasts.

The event covers a total of 1,200 miles and tracks are rented along the route for the drivers. The general theme is to “party like rockstars,” and participants definitely get their fill.

The rally is exciting from start to finish and the participants are enthusiastic, bonding over their love for pushing cars to the limit, “as they are meant to be driven,” states Qureshi.

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The event start time is 8:00 AM on Wednesday, August 3. There, Qureshi and his team go over the flags on the track and racing etiquette. The M1 team will be there to help the drivers. Hot laps, for fun. Don’t want anyone to wreck cars before it starts! The event is limited to 65 cars to ensure quality on track, making it one of the most exclusive experiences of its kind. Qureshi’s goal is less about money and more about cultivating a family of people having fun driving cars.

Teams compete in scavenger hunts. Team with the most points will get their entry fee back, and get to come back the next year free of charge. Second prize is credit towards next year.

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The rally will start at the new M1 Concourse in Michigan, which was built on the old GM facility. It will then travel down to Louisville, KY, stopping at Fort Wayne Automotive (Dream Makers Automotive) for a catered lunch. Day two will take drivers to Margaritaville Island Resort in Pigeon Forge. There, drivers can head to Tail of the Dragon as well as a local drag strip. Day three is all about Nashville, starting at the Nashville Omni Hotel right next to Broadway. Participants will be treated to a Honkey Tonk party that night, and by Day four, they’ll stop by Velocity Motors for breakfast before heading to the Nashville Cars & Coffee. From there, participants will head to the Atlanta Motorsports Park, where the entire track has been rented out. This part of the event is sponsored by GM. After that, it’s off to Loews hotel in Atlanta, where the event will end with a ceremony, dinner and announcement of winners.

To learn more about this incredible rally, be sure to visit MotorCityRally.com or click the button below.

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