Live: Corsa America Dragon 800 Rally

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Rally Day 3, 4/26/2015:

Evening Update: After three days of driving and enjoying life, the Dragon 800 rally with Corsa America has come to an end. Along the way I have experienced some of the great driving roads America has to offer and I have befriended people that I never would have met if it were not for this rally.

Tomorrow morning we will be going over the rally and giving out awards. I will have the final awards and a full recap in the coming days, as well as picture from the professional photographers that came along.

Morning Update: We slept in a bit, but that’s a good thing, because we have an almost five-hour ride ahead of us.


For the last day of the rally, we have been greeted with clear skies, which we are all thankful for after last night’s storm. Around 4:30-5 pm we should be at our destination, the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida.

Rally Day 2, 4/25/2015:

Evening Update: It was a long drive from Atlanta to Savannah, but it was one that was definitely worth it. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Chart House, located right on the water in downtown Savannah. After our lunch, we drove to the Westin Hilton Head, where I am currently writing this

The rain is falling and the lightning is constant, but that isn’t stopping us from having a great time. Even though I came into this event not knowing a soul, I have made many friends that all share the same passion as me: cars.

If you are ever on the edge about participating in a rally, don’t hesitate, because it is an absolute blast.

Tomorrow, we will all head out early in the morning to our final stop in Orlando, Florida. Be sure to check back for more updates and pictures from this amazing event!

Morning Update: After a late night of partying in downtown Atlanta, Georgia the rally is on the way to Savannah for lunch. The group had a great time in VIP at the Opera enjoying drinks and the company. During the night, a severe storm passed through, and another is imminent. But as of right now, 11 AM EST, we are in the clear for a straight shot on dry roads.

Rally Day 1, 4/24/2015:

Evening Update: We’ve made our way to the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia after a long day on the road. We all had a great and safe time on the Tail of the Dragon, which was, again, one the most unforgettable experiences I have had. From its exciting turns, to its stunning view.

Tonight we will be staying downtown and enjoying the nightlife. Tomorrow, we will be waking up early and battling the incoming storms as we head to our next stop, Savannah. Be sure to check back for more updates!


Morning Update: And we are off! Bright and early this morning we left the hotel in a 60+ car pack and made our way to the Tail of the Dragon. Currently, we are at the beginning of the famous road, preparing for the trip ahead. After the Dragon, we will make a quick stop for food and then head to Atlanta, Georgia for the night. I’ll have plenty of shots of the Dragon soon!

Pre-Rally 4/23/2015:

Quick stop before the Tail of the Dragon

How do you know a rally is going to be amazing? When the day before it starts is absolutely unforgettable. After flying in to Knoxville, Tennessee from St. Petersburg, Florida, I made my way to the hotel where all of the participants of the Corsa America Dragon 800 Rally were prepping their cars for the days to come.

After spending some time making sure all of the vinyls were in place on the cars, we made our way for a pre-rally run of the Tail of the Dragon. This span of road consists of 318 turns in 11 miles, all of which are accompanied by one of the most breathtaking views.

Lunch break at Hooters
Lunch break at Hooters

Tomorrow, we will start the rally by running through the Tail of the Dragon and making our way to Atlanta, Georgia. After staying the night in Atlanta, we stay in Georgia again on Saturday night, but this time in Savannah. Come Sunday, I will be back in Florida again as we head to Orlando to wrap up the rally.

Be sure to check back to this post tomorrow for more pictures and coverage.