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Lexani Wheels at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019

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Not too long ago, the Makuhari Messe in Japan was taken over for Tokyo Auto Salon 2019. This annual automotive event brings heavy hitters in the aftermarket from around the world together under one roof.

Lexani Wheels, the famous wheel company from California, was on on display across multiple cars at the event. From supercars to luxury cars, there were plenty of cars sportsing their wheels in various fashions. Below are some incredible shots of the show cars riding on fabulous Lexani Wheels. To learn more about each of the wheels, click on the “+” button to visit Lexani’s website.

Lexani Wheels LTS-06
Lexani Wheels LTS-06
Lexani Wheels LF-778
Lexani Wheels LF-757
Lexani Wheels Bavaria
Lexani Wheels LZ-770
Lexani Wheels LF-780
Lexani Wheels LTS-04
Lexani Wheels LTS-04
Lexani Wheels LTS-03